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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all Brown Memorial Worship Services, programs and activities will be virtual until further notice. Please follow us on social media for virtual worship opportunities. Stay safe and be blessed!

Brown Memorial Welcomes You

Faith Grows with Love and Community

Our Belief

Grow Your Faith from the Stories and Voices of Our Community

Brown Memorial has been blessed with a professional and friendly team who are dedicated to making our church a home to all. From all of us at Brown Memorial, we welcome you to our place of worship.

Grow your faith

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Join Us at 11 AM for Worship Service

We Believe in Faith, Love and the Spiritual Transformation the Lord Brings

Together we seek growth and spiritual understanding through the expression and dedication to our faith and the love of God. At Brown Memorial, our culture calls on us to both lead and to follow, living out our faith, seeking spiritual transformation, justice and peace.

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